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A Citizen Reporter’s duty

18 May

7 days after the Nationwide Automated Elections have passed and we have more than a week to wait before the scheduled Presidential Proclamation (if there will be no People Power)  happens. Few days ago, I had no purple thumb primary photo for ‘Facebook’, nor a blog about who and how  i voted for National Elections. Well, aside from taking photos of the elections, i volunteered as  Bantay Eleksyon 2010 – Citizen Reporter last May 10 for our Province. As a response-able Filipino Continue reading

I am Benildean, I am Socially Responsible

28 Jan

One of Benilde’s core values is social responsibility.

Being socially responsible doesn’t just translate with attending 8 NSTP Saturdays (or 16 excursion hours) to a Shelter and teach those young kids with Basic Education. Or something as bringing a plastic of: rice, sardines and noodles during Typhoons that devastate our country. Continue reading