The 2010 Elections ends but my vision continues

11 May

The First National Automated Elections ended  yesterday. With 9 dead and 12 hurt, May 10, 2010 was the most  peaceful, advanced and expensive  elections ever recorded in the history of Philippine Elections. As of this writing,

Bro. Eddie and  four candidates have already conceded their defeat for their desire to get the highest post. Were our prayers insufficient? Did we exert less effort for the campaigns?   Continue reading

Can web art get more votes?

19 Apr

Can web art get more votes? My answer is No.

It is your principles, beliefs and motives that can help people choose for their candidate.
Instead of blogging how your dog died, why not
blog why you believe in your candidate?

Just a while ago, i received an email from abs-cbnnews.com writer, Faye Gonzales. She said  that her article is already available online.  Previously, she sent an email asking for the use of my photo for her article. Of course, i instantly said Yes.

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Healthy Campaign, Bright Future.

17 Apr

Bangon Kabataan, Youth for Bro. Eddie, Campaign, 2010 elections

We started from 5Am up to 12PM.  It has been a full day for the Bangon Kabataan and Youth for Bro. Eddie volunteers. My legs are still aching after the aerobics and jogging from the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP circle)  going to Roxas Boulevard, my throat still hurts after chanting out loud the sentiment of the Filipino Youth:

“Sigaw ng kabataan, Bro. Eddie!
Sigaw ng Pilipino, Diyos at Bayan!
Sigaw ng Pilipinas, Pagbabago!
Anim na taon, walang korapsyon”

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12 Sep

kabataan ang pagasa ng bayan, boto ng kabataan sa mayo, Pilipino, pagmamahal sa bayan, youth vote 2010 national elections

I am Niko, turning 18 this june 2010. I cannot register nor vote this coming election,
but if you would ask who i will campaign or vote? I would surely say “Brother Eddie Villanueva”.

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