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Facebook addicts. Are you one of them?

21 Oct

They call us the instant generation. A generation where every moment of your life,  from the moment we wake up up to the time we break up are all posted over the World wide web. People are getting inclined or even addicted to it.  Do you realize it? Can you live a day without checking if someone tagged a photo of you or your crush posted something interesting?  You might be already abnormally tolerating it. Think. Think. Think.

Here are some guides for you to see if you are a facebook addict.

Don’t deny it 😛

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Jesus or Drugs?

20 Sep


“You cannot fill something unless you open it.” I have been hearing those lines for quite a long time. And yes it is true that people usually dwell with their past experiences and it becomes their stronghold (like a baby not letting go of a toy)from facing the LIFE awaiting them.

Here is a life changing story, let us hide the person’s name under Zac(From Zaccheus the Tax Collector): Continue reading

Warcraft III: Latest Maps, cheats and News.

15 Dec

Dota Dota dota maps news updates

Ang Defense of the Ancients (higit na kilala sa tawag na DotA) ay isang kakaibang sitwasyon sa larong Warcraft III, batay sa mapang “Aeon of Strife” ng StarCraft. Kailangang makamit ng bawat pangkat ang wasakin ang Ancient ng kalaban, isang istrakturang mahigpit na binabantayan sa magkabilang sulok ng mapa. Gumagamit ng mga makapangyarihang mga tauhan ang mga manlalaro (kilala bilang mga bayani), kasama ng mga kakamping bayan at creeps na kontrolado ng kompyuter. Gaya ng ibang role-playing games, pinalalakas ng mga manlalaro ang kani-kanilang mga bayani at gumagamit ng ginto sa pagbili ng mga kagamitan sa gitna ng pakikidigma.

-Tok, Kevin (2006-01-25). Defense of the Ancients 101, Page 2GotFrag. Hinango noong Agosto 4, 2007.

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