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Master Yoda: It’s ‘Virtual Presence’, not yet ‘Hologram’.

12 May

“It’s definitely not yet Hologram, it’s just Augmented reality via virtual Presence!”, Jedi Master Yoda might have corrected. C0melec’s official canvassing of votes is still unfinished and yet another heat of “GMA7 vs ABS-CBN bangayan” sparks.  With the new  PCOS technology on counting our votes, you cannot expect the usual flat screen and LED boards behind Mike Enriquez or Ted Failon on delivering the “widest coverage for the 2010 Elections”.  Let us take a closer look of this issue.

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6 Dec

Tapos na ang “Harapan” before mag 1Am kahit actually naka “one line” lang sila.
Unlike sa Isang tanong, hindi na nag tilt up ang camera at pumapasok ang
nakaka-kabang sound effect after each questions.
Marami akong nalamang bago sa kanila, ako ay natawa, napapalakpak
at nainspire sa mga binitiwan nilang salita.

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