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6.2-magnitude quake shakes west of Manila

25 Mar

While John Q was giving his demands to the Chicago Police, our focus and silence was broken by the words, “Uyy, Sir! Lumilindol…”. My Philosophy Teacher paused the movie while my classmates were holding their armchair, looking around the room and some were making fun out of it. I didn’t know what to do and something inside me pushed me to utter the words, “Lord, spare us and keep us safe!”

Almost 30 seconds passed and the class made it all in one piece. The irritating fire alarm sounded and the white light kept on flashing like a Nikon SB900 TTL flash. After that, everyone went out of the classroom, my prof pulled out his flash disk and some were yelling, “Yohoo! Free-cut na!”.

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The battle of the websites: 2010 Presidential Internet Campaigns

22 Feb

Professionals call it i-marketing, web-marketing, online-marketing, or e-Marketing. But for campaign managers, “Internet campaign” is one of the cheapest and the fastest way to market their client/candidate.  It is  a way  to show their platforms, compile their videos, upload their campaign materials, connect to their volunteers, broadcast their photos and more or less convince Techie Juan De La Cruz to shade the circle beside his/her name this coming 2010 Elections.

Here are some screen shots of 2010 PRESIDENTIABLES’ official website:

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Welcome 2010!

1 Jan

According to the calendar (Gregorian) that Pope Gregory XIII introduced,
this year is the 2010th year of the Common Era, commonly known as Anno Domini.
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12 Sep

kabataan ang pagasa ng bayan, boto ng kabataan sa mayo, Pilipino, pagmamahal sa bayan, youth vote 2010 national elections

I am Niko, turning 18 this june 2010. I cannot register nor vote this coming election,
but if you would ask who i will campaign or vote? I would surely say “Brother Eddie Villanueva”.

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