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Time to Redirect

2 Sep

Hello my wordpress buddies!
As  announced earlier, i have  moved forward and already bought a domain name and host for my website As this blog played a memorable part of my online life, i don’t want to keep this hanging. Continue reading

Moving Forward!

10 Jul

Hi Guys!
Before, i told you that i am working for something BIG. Big News.
I’m Done! For Beta Testing,  you can visit my New Site:
Please do leave comments on how i can improve.
I’ll really appreciate it. As in.
Godbless! 🙂

Two weeks without Blog

16 Jun

Hello Dear Readers and Subscribers. How are you doing?  It has been a while since i last clicked  my blog’s  ‘Publish’ button.  I am sorry for not updating this Blog. I have been very busy these past days (two weeks to be exact) with Stuffs (well, those meaningful one). So before June ends, with your prayers, i hope to execute all my blog deliverables: Continue reading