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Separation of Church and state

30 Apr

Bangon Pilipinas Appoint PV

“Beyond religion, beyond historical conflicts, beyond personal interests:
This is what Bangon Pilipinas is all about!”,
said Bro. Eddie

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YOUTH VOTE 2010 – Bangon Kabataan!

30 Apr


“Bangon Kabataan: Hamon para sa Pagbabago ng Bayan”
Historic Human Chain along Bay Walk (Roxas Blvd.)

H – onest
O – rderly
P – eaceful
E – lections

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Can web art get more votes?

19 Apr

Can web art get more votes? My answer is No.

It is your principles, beliefs and motives that can help people choose for their candidate.
Instead of blogging how your dog died, why not
blog why you believe in your candidate?

Just a while ago, i received an email from writer, Faye Gonzales. She said  that her article is already available online.  Previously, she sent an email asking for the use of my photo for her article. Of course, i instantly said Yes.

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Healthy Campaign, Bright Future.

17 Apr

Bangon Kabataan, Youth for Bro. Eddie, Campaign, 2010 elections

We started from 5Am up to 12PM.  It has been a full day for the Bangon Kabataan and Youth for Bro. Eddie volunteers. My legs are still aching after the aerobics and jogging from the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP circle)  going to Roxas Boulevard, my throat still hurts after chanting out loud the sentiment of the Filipino Youth:

“Sigaw ng kabataan, Bro. Eddie!
Sigaw ng Pilipino, Diyos at Bayan!
Sigaw ng Pilipinas, Pagbabago!
Anim na taon, walang korapsyon”

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6.2-magnitude quake shakes west of Manila

25 Mar

While John Q was giving his demands to the Chicago Police, our focus and silence was broken by the words, “Uyy, Sir! Lumilindol…”. My Philosophy Teacher paused the movie while my classmates were holding their armchair, looking around the room and some were making fun out of it. I didn’t know what to do and something inside me pushed me to utter the words, “Lord, spare us and keep us safe!”

Almost 30 seconds passed and the class made it all in one piece. The irritating fire alarm sounded and the white light kept on flashing like a Nikon SB900 TTL flash. After that, everyone went out of the classroom, my prof pulled out his flash disk and some were yelling, “Yohoo! Free-cut na!”.

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