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Social Bookmarks for

15 May

how to add retweet button wordpress.comYup. That is what they call it.  Social bookmarking is “a method for Internet users to share, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web resources”. With my previous post, i have insisted to hack  a way and share you post online by using a redirect links for a photo.

Making your own way is really a rewarding thing. Though i have asserted using my RE-DIRECT LINKS , i am not recommending it to you.

After more google search, i have finally found great posts that allows Social Bookmarking for This time, no more uploading photos and changing links, just Ctrl C and Ctrl V. Continue reading

How to share on FB, and Re-tweet button for

15 May

Having 1,000 views per day is enough reason for a blogger to click the “New Post” button.  Everyone likes making their post seen by as many people as possible. So, tapping on Social Media is one easy way to boost traffic, swift dissemination, better rankings and extended reach from viewers.Share on Facebook button is one sure way to do it.

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Appreciating free things

14 May

Amidst National elections, price hike, economic downfall and lay-offs, Filipinos really love receiving things for free.  During our Bangon Kabataan sorties, people will always look at us as if we have a multi-billion traditional political machinery that can provide everything they need in exchange for an oval-shaded ballot. As Jesica Soho enumerated, these vary from free baller ids, t-shirt, lanyards, nuts, caps, stickers, toilet bowl and  underwear.

Why spend if you can have it for  free? That is typical mindset. There are also times that we take free things for granted and ignore a significant facet – Appreciating it. Continue reading

Master Yoda: It’s ‘Virtual Presence’, not yet ‘Hologram’.

12 May

“It’s definitely not yet Hologram, it’s just Augmented reality via virtual Presence!”, Jedi Master Yoda might have corrected. C0melec’s official canvassing of votes is still unfinished and yet another heat of “GMA7 vs ABS-CBN bangayan” sparks.  With the new  PCOS technology on counting our votes, you cannot expect the usual flat screen and LED boards behind Mike Enriquez or Ted Failon on delivering the “widest coverage for the 2010 Elections”.  Let us take a closer look of this issue.

What is a Hologram? Continue reading

The 2010 Elections ends but my vision continues

11 May

The First National Automated Elections ended  yesterday. With 9 dead and 12 hurt, May 10, 2010 was the most  peaceful, advanced and expensive  elections ever recorded in the history of Philippine Elections. As of this writing,

Bro. Eddie and  four candidates have already conceded their defeat for their desire to get the highest post. Were our prayers insufficient? Did we exert less effort for the campaigns?   Continue reading