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31 May

Last Saturday night, i was invited to give a one and a half hour lecture to the Events management class of the KKB CAM & WAM workshop. My lecture was about timeline, checklist, Social Media’s role for marketing an event, PM Softwares and personal tips for being a P.A. It was a great experience speaking in front of  Ministry leaders, an engineer and people who have been into planning events, and just need the know-hows of the said practice. One thing i noticed was most of them have been in to events planning  and can relate to  what i am talking about.

Timeline and Checklist
An interesting question raised was “Which between timeline and checklist should be used for an event?” That is also a common dilemma for  people who organized events. First, let me first lay that check lists are made for organizers to reduce the risk of forgetting something or missing every detail of an event. On the other hand, Timeline focuses on achieving a certain task at a specific or target date.  In terms of column headers and content, they are most likely the same. In a lighter manner, checklist is like your to-do list while the Timeline is your planner. Its purpose is what identifies one from the other. Using both in one report is possible as long as its purpose is in line with your output, and the stakeholders are able to interpret your deliverable.

Social Media for Marketing an Event.
One thing i learned from Make Money 2.0 Seminar was the vast opportunity of selling a product or an event online. As for an example, the KKB CAM & WAM Workshop had only two weeks to promote the workshop and with Facebook’s Event Application and we had  159 confirmed enrollees by Facebook alone  as of this writing. Not bad, right?

Microsoft Project
I only introduced the key features of this Project Management softwares developed by Microsoft to give them an idea that there are useful tools they can use. For me, if you really want to pursue Events Management as a career, investing on such products isn’t a bad idea.

Tips from a learner
Starting from below is always a humbling experience. I shared the thoughts i learned from being a Production Assistant  for the Prayer Rally last May 2010.

Get your life Organized!
One thing i re-learned with this experience was the value of getting things organized, being systematic and planning. In every small way, we all make decisions, and just like in a live event, we should make sure every move we take is planned. Whatever decisions you make will direct the outcome of your program and your life.


Kudos to all the workshop-ers! Always have the desire to excel.  🙂

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