KKB workshop teasers

22 May

KKB Movement recently announced that THE KKB WORSHIP AND CREATIVE ARTS SUMMER WORKSHOPS are back! This is the most awaited workshop by the movement and this time, streams are getting better and better.  The workshops will now cater eight God-centered vision-driven, non-profit,jump-packed and business-oriented streams including:

  • Events and Production Management
  • Basic Video Production and Photography
  • Basic Graphic Designing
  • Writing and Blogging
  • Musical Instruments
  • Dancing
  • Performance for broadcast, film and theater arts
  • SingingAfter reading the topics for every stream, selecting where  to enroll is not an easy task.

It is God-centered.
‘Well done, good and faithful servant!.” That is what we want to hear from our Master after we have used all of our talents. Aside from technical knowledge, we will also train artists  with  servant hood, humility, teamwork and excellence in service.

It is  vision-driven.
The same way we need competent and God-fearing leaders in our Government, so as with the influential pillar of media.  With this workshop, we envision a country we’re the truth of God’s words are delivered on prime time Television. We need people who will be the salt & light. We need enrollees.

It is non-profit.
Three-hundred pesos for a  total of 18 hours of workshop? Where can you find that? A normal two hour workshop will cost you 300-700 pesos. I need not to elaborate this part.

It is Jump-packed
And this year, i was blessed enough to be part of the organizing committes of the Creative Arts Ministry and this are few things that we expect by the end of the workshop:

  • Give the enrollees a sound knowledge of their chosen stream.
  • Give them a balanced idea with  theories and foundations of art and it’s practical application.
  • Give them a sound knowledge with different techniques and softwares.
  • Give them an idea of their Business opportunity.
  • Give them an idea on how to use their talents for God.
  • Provide a ministry that will allow them to nurture their talents.
  • Aid KKBs from community churches for continuous melioration.
  • Give them the basics but leave them a desire for self-improvement.
  • To be able to assessment and provide documentation for the next workshop

It is business-oriented.
Yup. With our real-life practitioner and faithful ministry members teaching you, you will not just learn the-gritty part but we will give you a bird’s eye view of what income-generating opportunity is waiting for you and where you can shine your light.

All for God.
It has been a year since i joined this Ministry and there is nothing more rewarding than using your talents all for the one who gave it. It has been a great help for my spiritual growth.

Additional Info:

Deadline of registration is on May 23, 2010.
Deadline of payment of registration fee is on May 29, 2010.
For inquiries, please contact the following:
09072028273 for all Creative Arts workshops
09054075670 for Singing
09272118787 for Performance for Broadcast, Film and Theater Arts
09174405096 for Dancing
09154207377 for Musical Instruments
All workshop details are subject to change without prior notice.
Registration fee is P300. The slots are limited.

If you don’t want to miss the flight, download the the registration form and enlist now.

This is another unforgettable  workshop that none should miss.
I’m already enrolled for the workshop. Are you?


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3 Responses to “KKB workshop teasers”

  1. camz May 22, 2010 at 2:28 pm #

    “there is nothing more rewarding than using your talents all for the one who gave it. ”

    very inspiring dom!
    surely a great way for me to grow spiritually

    • akosiniko May 22, 2010 at 11:07 pm #

      thanks for the comment camz.
      yup. not just spiritually but also with the field you want to enroll.
      Godbless! see you all!


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