A Citizen Reporter’s duty

18 May

7 days after the Nationwide Automated Elections have passed and we have more than a week to wait before the scheduled Presidential Proclamation (if there will be no People Power)  happens. Few days ago, I had no purple thumb primary photo for ‘Facebook’, nor a blog about who and how  i voted for National Elections. Well, aside from taking photos of the elections, i volunteered as  Bantay Eleksyon 2010 – Citizen Reporter last May 10 for our Province. As a response-able Filipino and as our 1987 constitution states,  it is our responsibility ‘to secure to ourselves and our posterity the blessings of independence and democracy‘  whether you are a disfranchised or below 18.

The People’s Coalition to Monitor the Elections or Bantay Eleksyon (BE) is a movement initiated by the Consortium on Electoral Reforms (CER) which is a national coalition of 47 electoral reform organizations. Bantay Eleksyon seeks to monitor the entire election process, from electoral preparations to the post-election protests under a domestic observation mission framework, and to assess the conduct of the elections based on the international criteria of a fair and free election. It works under the principles of transparency and impartiality.

Citizen Reporter ‐ n. any Filipino citizen who observes the election processes and documents the
proceedings and irregularities as input to the assessment of the conduct of the elections.

Here is a copy of my BE Monitoring day Report.

I agree with Carlo Ople. The advantage of this Generation is ‘technology‘. Here are reasons why:

Before the campaign heat began, you might have first heard of TV Patrol’s Citizen Reporter who boasts to include a simple concerned citizen in addressing their needs, such as uncovered man-whole, polluted river or illegal parking jeepneys to authority. Then came their Boto-Patrollers with  Rico Blanco’s very  heart-warming and nation-caring, ‘Ako ang Simula’ AVP.

As Network ‘cannibalism’ heats up, GMA7’s 24-Oras also released YouScoop that allows you to be a branded as  ‘Citizen Journalist‘ by uploading photos, news and videos over their website and  chance to be featured on live air. That is ‘again’ similar to CNN’s IReport.

what is juanvote? #jaunvoters

#Juanvote is also an initiative by respected bloggers that uses the twitter hashtag, #juanvote, and  serves the same purpose of receiving Election updates from the Techy Juan De La Cruz wherever island he may be in the Philippines (as long as there is network signal or internet connection).

I have sited only three projects above and there  are a lot more offline and online initiatives, but with less publicity,  made by Non-Government Organizations for this Elections.

We are all citizen reporters.
My deep hope and prayer is just, let not Nationalism be just like a Fashion that fades this 2010.  The Networks will remove that portion  from their airing schedule, #juanvote will be replace by another twitter-trending topic(perhaps Justin Beiber again), but let not your effort to be ‘involved’, ‘response-able’, updated and  informed wither. The country needs you.

The Election Process will soon end and the 15th President will lift his right hand while the other is rested in a bible. Few SONAs will be delivered and we have one future to live. A future that we will make. Let us make it a better, if  possible, the best one.

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