Master Yoda: It’s ‘Virtual Presence’, not yet ‘Hologram’.

12 May

“It’s definitely not yet Hologram, it’s just Augmented reality via virtual Presence!”, Jedi Master Yoda might have corrected. C0melec’s official canvassing of votes is still unfinished and yet another heat of “GMA7 vs ABS-CBN bangayan” sparks.  With the new  PCOS technology on counting our votes, you cannot expect the usual flat screen and LED boards behind Mike Enriquez or Ted Failon on delivering the “widest coverage for the 2010 Elections”.  Let us take a closer look of this issue.

What is a Hologram?Like This!

According to it’s discoverer, Dennis Gabor, he coined the term hologram from the Greek words holos, meaning “whole,” and gramma, meaning “message”.  For clarity, it is a method of producing a three-dimensional image of an object by recording on a photographic plate or film the pattern of interference formed by a split laser beam and then illuminating the pattern either with a laser or with ordinary light.(

GMA’s Hologram

Mike Enriquez claims that GMA-News’  “Hologram” technology  is the very first in our country. The same thing used by CNN for the 2008 US Presidential Elections coverage.  In his unique and confident voice, he explained that their “new” technology allows field reporters to appear on 3D images as if they were in the studio itself.  You can clearly see that Mike Enriquez is pretending that Howie Severino, GMANEWS.TV Editor In Chief (EIC),  from cyberspace is right in front of him.  Perhaps, calling it  “hologram” makes them more advanced than other network.

Abs-CBN’s Virtual presence

Few hours ago, TJ manotoc reports that ABS-CBN’s Digital Graphics provider, Orad Hi-Tec Systems, used the same technology but the appropriate term is Virtual Presence. They added that GMA’s interview with Sen. Noynoy Aquino using a green room or Chroma set-up can never be considered as a hologram.  “We use appropriate terms for modern-day technology”, they might have joked.

CNN’s “Hoax-logram”

As of May 12, YouTube’s “CNN Hologram TV First” video  has 1, 571,777 views already and has more than 100 pages of user comments. Jesica Yellin’s report sure earned amusement from viewers but critics from tech experts and Youtube viewers afterwards with the mis-use of the word “Hologram.”

How CNN  “Beam them up”

Compared to Jessica Soho and Richard Gutierrez conversation, CNN’s Sr. Vice President, David Bohrman, revealed that about 45 fixed HDD cameras inside a green room was used to broadcast Will.I.Am in a more misleading “Hologram” effect.

Over-all, it was just a mis-use of a technical word.
Throughout the election coverage, we have seen the Touch screen monitors, 3D animation technology, Virtual Presence an a lot more. Indeed, using as much imagery is the “in-thing” for TV networks today. Let us just hope that the content of the news we consume are not just high-end but clear, comprehensive and un-biased. Let us remind TV Networks that we watch the 3D Movies to be entertained and the News to be informed.

‘Let us all be wise media consumers.” (Gascon,2010)

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5 Responses to “Master Yoda: It’s ‘Virtual Presence’, not yet ‘Hologram’.”

  1. jay May 12, 2010 at 9:46 pm #

    oh oh.start na naman ba ng network wars?

    • akosiniko May 13, 2010 at 4:20 pm #

      Hi Jay! Thanks for dropping a comment.
      I guess so. hindi naman nawawala yan sa kanilang dalawa.
      lagi sila nagcocompete with one another.
      Have you seen the latest report by GMA regarding their Hologram tech?

  2. Jade May 13, 2010 at 5:19 am #

    Nagtataka talaga ‘ko at hologram ang tawag ni Mike Enriquez dun. Halatang halata namang may green lining si noynoy sa contour ng image nya.

    Mike Enriquez was clearly pretending that he was seeing the hologram.

    Besides, aanhin naman natin ang advanced technology kung puno naman ng sensationalized news at basurang showbiz tsismis ang mga news programs natin?

    • akosiniko May 13, 2010 at 6:14 pm #

      Thanks for your response Kuya Jade.

      So True. At napakaconfident pa ni Mike sa pagsasalita about their technology:]

      let’s do hope na hindi talaga macompromise yung content sa means ng delivery and yung mahahalagang balita ang ifocus nila.

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