The 2010 Elections ends but my vision continues

11 May

The First National Automated Elections ended  yesterday. With 9 dead and 12 hurt, May 10, 2010 was the most  peaceful, advanced and expensive  elections ever recorded in the history of Philippine Elections. As of this writing,

Bro. Eddie and  four candidates have already conceded their defeat for their desire to get the highest post. Were our prayers insufficient? Did we exert less effort for the campaigns?  Like This!

I still can’t believe that Bro. Eddie has less than 2 million votes as of this moment. I still can’t believe that the leading Senatoriable candidates are the popular ones. What can I do? The people have spoken. They have dictated another 6 years of the History of the Philippines. My heart felt a bit of relief while reading some posts on Youth for Bro. Eddie and Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva’s Facebook page. Here are some comments:

“the victory of Bro. Eddie on this election can be seen through us. Not just by numbers. kung naapektuhan nya ba tayo,ang pananaw at ang paniniwala natin tungkol sa Diyos at sa bayan.” – Maika Salud Evangelista

“dahil kay bro. eddie nagparegister ako after 35 years of living here in the phil. ganun ako kawalang tiwala sa gobyerno, but because of him, nagkaron ako ng high hopes for our nation.”-Myrna Abrigo

“I believe Bro. Eddie’s patriotism and love for country ranks up there with Ninoy’s. He is truly a HERO. I am very proud to have voted for you… truly proud. It is my honor to have encountered such a man in my generation.” –Benj Sicam

Im proud to say that I casted my vote to Bro. Eddie Villanueva and all Bangon Pilipinas slate…no regrets po salahat ng sakripisyo ko magmula sa pangangampanya hnggang sa matapos ang eleksiyon. nakakalungkot man but we need to move on mga kaBANGON…bsta ang mahalaga may ginawa po tayo para sa minimithi natingtunay na pagbabago at pagbangon ng ating Bansa.. –Sharie Ramoran


@Eddie ako song: I used to dance and sing along with this song, until my cousin played it a while ago… i cant help it.. but i started crying when i heard the first 2 lines.. umasa kang pagbangon ay possible pa, pangarap natin bayan ay sisikat na…i will not lose hope that this country will once again revive and regain its defiled dignity. – Divine Ignacio

“the election results may have not ended as we all wanted, but I still say cheers to all, especially to Bro. Eddie, for standing our ground in bringing new hope to our motherland… Let us be the change that we want to see in the world and continue praying for our nation and our new leaders… remember that God’s ways are always higher than ours and only Him knows what is best for His people… keep the faith and don’t stop believing… God will bless our land…I stand for change. I stand for God.” – Richard Sison

“Bro. Eddie, thank you for inspiring and awakening deep and genuine love for GOD and country in the hearts of many. Your sacrifices and labor have not been in vain. You have a made a mark in history and in eternity. Mahal po kayo namin at patuloy po kaming magtitiwala sa inyo at umasa sa tunay na pagbabago ng ating bansa. “-Esther David

The Election ends but my vision for this Country continues. I pray that my fellow Christian youths will continue to rise up and continue the passion  that Bro. Eddie showed us. Selfless love for God and Country, Stepping out of our comfort zone, being involved and fighting for what is right. Those are the things we learned from this Election. I did not vote for Bro. Eddie but I will always be proud and have no regrets that i campaigned for him.  To all my Kabangons, The 15th  President needs our support and cooperation. The clamor for truth, justice and righteousness shall bear on.  Bangon Pilipinas!

“Thank you very much for your immeasurable passionate love for God and country! Its properly recorded in eternity! we exist to please God and not men. CONGRATULATIONS for winning the heart of God and have a secured place in history” -Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva

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4 Responses to “The 2010 Elections ends but my vision continues”

  1. jeanpaoloalminar May 12, 2010 at 4:17 pm #

    I also join with this cause. The battle is just starting. Let’s be more vigilant, People of the Philippines!

    • akosiniko May 13, 2010 at 6:07 pm #

      Thank you Paolo.
      Yes, we really have a lot more to do.
      Godbless us all!


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