Working behind the stage. May 2010.

1 May


I just got home from Luneta Park. I was assigned as a Production Assistant for the Prayer Rally and concert for  change.  Other than taking photos and videos, i always wanted to be a part of an Event’s management crew. Our call time was 8 in the morning but i arrived by 10AM.  Blockings, orientation and rehearsals were executed under the scorching and blackening heat of the Sun. For a total of 14 hours, we ran to follow up the dancers, make sure that the performers are ready for the production, receive orders from Communicators, bring food for the committee &  instantly provide what the communicator needs.  We provided Pentelpen, masking tape, mineral water, Id, industrial fans, nine-volt battery and scissors.  Ate Ejay and i were specifically tasked to assist the production team with all their needs and demands.

Like This!

Physically Challenging.
I think i consumed five 500ml  (2.5L) purified water. But i only visited the Production Portalet twice. One to wear a black shirt and another to take a leak. I agree with nurse Che-Che, we just perspired a lot.

Unforgettable Experience.
It was my first time to be a Production Assistant a while ago(yesterday).  And it was no-small event. It was a Prayer rally for Righteous Government attended by supporters, world-renowned  Church leaders and Artists like Garry Valenciano, Donita Rose, Gloc-9, Jericho Rosales . It was History written. Still, i really got nervous and  as i carry the pulpit in front of the stage for Miss Donita, i realized that the fiberglass-made pulpit was in the wrong position and is facing the stage and not the audience. Good thing i realized it and twisted the pulpit at once. That is one unforgettable experience for me and it was witnessed by hundreds of thousands Bangon Pilipinas supporters and volunteers. 😀

It was a great experience as a P.A and just allow me to share random tips that i learned.

Tips for Production Assistants:

  • Be on site at least 3 hours before the event starts. In case of rehearsal, observe their props and equipments used.
  • Know your posts. Where you should stay and who’s with you.
  • Be ready with everything. Prepare for the worst. Bring things that you need (from scissors, marker, needle and thread, etc.)
  • Be ready for everything. Expect to hear loud voices and physically-challenging orders from demanding people.
  • Be Professional. Don’t get offended by them. You can’t blame them because every second in a live event matters.
  • Know the people that you should follow. From their names, title and contact number. Get them all.
  • Never follow an order without confirming to the contact person above you.
  • Hydrate! Drink a lot of fluids.
  • Take your vitamins. You’ll surely get your bodies tired and perspiration flowing.
  • If you need to leave, ask a permission and endorse someone to replace you.
  • Get a copy of the program or technical script. Get a run through of the whole program.
  • Bring an extra battery and extra load. If they can’t find you, they might call you. Charge your cellphone.
  • Unload unnecessary things from your pocket.  You’ll be running back and forth and you don’t want to make unnecessary sounds or your belongings lost  as you run.
  • Bring and wear a belt bag. Make your things easy to get.
  • Observe what your team-mates do. In case of lack of man power, you can be assigned on-the-spot in a position. (Communicator, mic-traffic or stage manager, runner).
  • Wear pure black tops. This is to avoid people from getting distracted from your shirt color or get intimidated by your shirt design while you are carrying things on stage.
  • Rule of thumb for efficiency. If the first group is already performing, the second should already be prepared and the third is on stand-by.

You can but you shouldn’t.
There will really be times that you just want to remove your headset, leave your post and wear your yellow Bangon Kabataan  shirt. Who can withstand from shouting for joy while Mr. Pure Energy dances? Who will not bounce their head while Gloc-9 raps 200 words per minute?  While everyone is enjoying, you are busy with something.

I just keep in mind that we are doing a very special and privileged  task. We may have not enjoyed with the crowd, but with our task, they are enjoying. As what Mam Joni said,  it was a help for God and Country.  Godbless the Philippines.

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