YOUTH VOTE 2010 – Bangon Kabataan!

30 Apr


“Bangon Kabataan: Hamon para sa Pagbabago ng Bayan”
Historic Human Chain along Bay Walk (Roxas Blvd.)

H – onest
O – rderly
P – eaceful
E – lections


Pilipinas, nagsalita na ang KABATAAN!!!Please make a massive announcement regarding the biggest youth rally for ECV and Bangon Pilipinas Slate on May 1, 2010. Remember: this is NATIONWIDE. If delegates from Visayas and Mindanao can come, much better. But if not, it’s ok. But they are encouraged to make a simultaneous event like this.

We target 2 Million volunteers and voters for Bro. Eddie, Jun Yasay and the BP Senatorial slate. We are expecting delegation from various youth groups; religious sects, fraternities, organizations (university/community based), NGO’s, Sk’s, Municipalities, Cities, Districts and provinces especially here in Luzon kasi masa malapit sila right?!

Human Chain (4:00 – 6:00 p.m.)

  • Wear your ECV T-Shirt or any ECV/BP Campaign Shirt
  • you can dye your hair with yellow and green (optional)
  • wear yellow and green contact lenses (optional)
  • color your nail with yellow and green (optional)
  • color your teeth with yellow and green (optional, hehhe)
  • bring your Eddie tarps (jun yasay and APPOINT PV na din)
  • put on your face paints (hindi ito blush on lang at glossy lipstick)
  • elders and young ones are welcome too, provided that they will also actively participate in the


  • pets are very much welcome (especially your dogs and cats) as long as you will dress them up with
  • ECV and BP etchings.
  • when the chain has already started, don’t wait for us to instruct you… TAKE INITIATIVE!!! connect

with the existing end of the chain so others will follow you as well.. sa tagalog (dumugtong na)

  • ECV dancers, you will dance EDDIE ako jingle while you are also connected to the chain. (dance all

you can!!)

  • don’t forget your extra shirt (yellow also) in case of extravagant perspiration (hehehe).
    water, tubig, danum, H2O… mahalaga yan.. mainit kasi at mahal ang bilihin kila manong at manang.


Concert (7:00 – 9:00 p.m.)

  • Charge your cellphones.. it has a very special purpose in the concert.. (kapag nalowbat fon m, choori nlng po heheh)
  • Kung skater boiii ka, waiver, or extremist sa anumang sport.. you can bring your toy at maglalaro tayo dun.. kakaiba toh…. tayo palang ang gagawa nito.. sosyal!!!
  • Prepare your dance moves kasi andun si Mr. Pure Energy, Gary V., ang kaniyang anak na si GABB, si Gloc9, at ang host ay si Ms.Donita Rose lang nmn..
  • sa lahat ng may isang bagsak na shirt, you have the privilege of making “RAMPA” in the stage together with other artists who supports ECV and BP slate..(it’s showtime)
  • Bring your mood for party.. bawal emotero at emotera dun ah?Sino pa ang magdadala ng friends for the change of this nation?
    Sino pa?


Here is a letter from Bangon Kabataan National Chairman, Emil Galang. Please send this to different youth groups and organizations that you know.

After the event:

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