Separation of Church and state

30 Apr

Bangon Pilipinas Appoint PV

“Beyond religion, beyond historical conflicts, beyond personal interests:
This is what Bangon Pilipinas is all about!”,
said Bro. Eddie

Separation of Church and state?
That is the usual response of my colleagues  when they hear
Bro. Eddie‘s candidacy for President.
The photo above is not just the Bangon Pilipinas slate (APPOINT-PV) but for me a photo of the
separation of church and state.
For the very first time in the History of the Philippines, respected, well-educated and qualified leaders from different groups including MILF, MNLF, El Shaddai , Roman Catholic  and Protestants united in a Political Party.

What about the Separation of Church and State?
They don’t need to explain it, they already showed it.

Know more about the Bangon Pilipinas Candidates here.

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