Can web art get more votes?

19 Apr

Can web art get more votes? My answer is No.

It is your principles, beliefs and motives that can help people choose for their candidate.
Instead of blogging how your dog died, why not
blog why you believe in your candidate?

Just a while ago, i received an email from writer, Faye Gonzales. She said  that her article is already available online.  Previously, she sent an email asking for the use of my photo for her article. Of course, i instantly said Yes.

My blog was about my decision for the 2010 Elections. I really think that among the web arts, my photo was the most decent. Some were spoofs, comic strips and  done by people who really want to attract attention for or against a candidate.

I wrote my blog six months ago and until now, i still believe that Character before credentials in a leader is what we really need this May 10.

Here is the article under Abs-cbn news > LifeStyle:

Bro. Eddie C Villanueva supporters, Bangon Kabataan

MANILA, Philippines – Remember the days when people danced around like spinning tops, crooned at the top of their lungs and did all sorts of things to make people remember the candidates they supported? Well, we don’t see much of that now.

Nowadays, the country’s presidential bets can be seen not only on posters but also on our computer screens. Indeed, campaigns for the upcoming national elections are no longer limited to the streets and our television sets.

Such is the lure of new media — instead of hiring people to do the same thing over and over, a simple video and image posted in a website or a social network can do all the work.

Some pictures of our very own presidential candidates — in awkward, funny or cool portrayals — will definitely make them more memorable to the voting public. But will these rake in the votes?

See the images below and judge them for yourself.


I thank you Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO)  for helping my photo be on top for the Google and Yahoo image search. 🙂

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