Healthy Campaign, Bright Future.

17 Apr

Bangon Kabataan, Youth for Bro. Eddie, Campaign, 2010 elections

We started from 5Am up to 12PM.  It has been a full day for the Bangon Kabataan and Youth for Bro. Eddie volunteers. My legs are still aching after the aerobics and jogging from the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP circle)  going to Roxas Boulevard, my throat still hurts after chanting out loud the sentiment of the Filipino Youth:

“Sigaw ng kabataan, Bro. Eddie!
Sigaw ng Pilipino, Diyos at Bayan!
Sigaw ng Pilipinas, Pagbabago!
Anim na taon, walang korapsyon”

Actually, i am taking Strepsils right now to lessen the pain but my heart is very fulfilled with what i did.
We roamed around different houses along tramo and Buendia, giving flyers and posting stickers along vehicles.
The common Juan De La Cruz responses are:

“Oo, iboboto namin yan. Nasubukan na namin lahat”
“Bro. Eddie Tayo. May takot sa Diyos”
“O sige, Eddie Villanueva talaga kami”

There are  a lot of Filipinos who believe on Bro Eddie’s Competence and Integrity.
Others don’t know him but believes that Integrity and fear of the Lord above all is what we need for a Leader.
They just need to be informed.

Mission Accomplish for today’s work.
There are more Barangays to invade and votes to gather.

Bangon Kabataan.
Hindi nagbibiro si Rizal. Ikaw yon.

“Don’t just say you want change, do something for it!”


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