10 Reasons why Filipino Students should Linked-In

12 Apr

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According to Ms. Janette Toral, an E-Commerce expert,  Social Media is the “SEO” of 2010.  And since Human Resource is finding the best person at the best time and at the best place, i was not surprised to see  LinkedIn, a Business-oriented social networking site.

“The Facebook of Professionals”  as they call it. But what will a Student, with just enough allowance and a lot of homework  to do, get from LinkedIn?

Here are few reasons why i joined LinkedIn.

1. “Everyone” is using it. As of March 2010, they said that “over 65 million professionals use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities” and  being part of it gives you more chances for being part of the mighty and successful 1%.

2. It’s so easy to sign-up. You are only required to fill out four text boxes(FirstName, LastName, Email & Password). After activating your account, inviting connections in your email is as easy as clicking the Continue button.

3.  It is a Social Networking site. They have status, updates, recommendations, connections, photos, links & profiles. They are just few examples why you’d say it’s really  a Social Networking site.

4.  You can integrate Applications. You can post your links, blogs and presentations inside your profile. Giving people chances to view your blogs and increase traffic.

5. It’s easy to edit your profile. Just mouse over the Profile Menu, click Edit Profile and you are now ready to customize your account.

6. Instant Resume. Instead of monthly printing and  updating  your resume, updating your CV is just one click away.

7. Opens opportunities. Since a lot of companies are maximizing the Internet for hiring and are even using LinkedIn for that matter, chances of finding me online is lower if i don’t have one. Makes sense right? Ofcourse, you can still use JobStreet.com and JobsDB.com. As PinoyExchange User Jepol_7 did the logic, “LinkedIn is to Facebook as JobStreet/JobsDB is to Friendster “.

8. It’s totally free!

9.You can Reconnect, Power your career and Get the Tips that you need. That’s the top 3 features of Linked In. For more information, click here.

10. It’s now or tomorrow. Since time flies like last year was just yesterday, you’d probably create an account before you graduate. Why do it soon, if you can do it now? Turn that Procrastination switch OFF and click this link now!


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