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My First E-Magazine – The Chronicles of Moises

30 Apr

Driven by amusement with my brother’s work,  tutorials about his Multi-Media knowledge and of course  wisdom  from God, Graphic Designing has been one of my asset and past-time. From removing pimples and making my background the leaning tower of Pisa, I have used it for my School works and personal blogging. Hopefully as a business too! 🙂

The Chronicles of Moises serves as our Final Project for Sir Edward Moises’ Personnel Management (Permana) AOB class.  Third term, School Year 2009-2010. No part of this Magazine may be reproduced whether by photocopying, scanning or by any means without  written permission from the Owners. Copyright 2010. (For inquiries, please contact 353-2753)

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Separation of Church and state

30 Apr

Bangon Pilipinas Appoint PV

“Beyond religion, beyond historical conflicts, beyond personal interests:
This is what Bangon Pilipinas is all about!”,
said Bro. Eddie

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YOUTH VOTE 2010 – Bangon Kabataan!

30 Apr


“Bangon Kabataan: Hamon para sa Pagbabago ng Bayan”
Historic Human Chain along Bay Walk (Roxas Blvd.)

H – onest
O – rderly
P – eaceful
E – lections

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What it takes to be a JEJEMON

27 Apr

VICE GANDA and jejemons, atrtist jejemons, shobiz jejemons

Viceganda calls them "text-timangs" who useexcessive letters in texting.

Social Media is really affecting our language today. From the word BV, GG and Imba, this time, JEJEMON is bringing in heavy traffic to urban No one wants to be left behind with the “new” thing and no wonder that news and updates about jejemon is one of the top 10 searches in Yahoo Philippines lately.

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Can web art get more votes?

19 Apr

Can web art get more votes? My answer is No.

It is your principles, beliefs and motives that can help people choose for their candidate.
Instead of blogging how your dog died, why not
blog why you believe in your candidate?

Just a while ago, i received an email from writer, Faye Gonzales. She said  that her article is already available online.  Previously, she sent an email asking for the use of my photo for her article. Of course, i instantly said Yes.

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