They are indeed Formators

1 Mar

I really like this shirt 😛

“Burp….” My tall choco chip is almost empty and café Noriter is about to close. It has been a while since I actually visited this  place. Indeed, a lot of things have changed in this haven-like playground with a galore of hanging light-bulbs.  Anyway, I want to control my self, this blog is not about Café Noriter (that would be next). This is about:  “Teachers day!”

“Every child counts, Every teacher matters. We are all Formators”.

De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde recently carried that theme to celebrate “TEACHER’S DAY!”. I dropped by Mutien 3rd Floor and saw black shirts on the table. I glanced at the shirt designs and asked the woman sitting there, “Miss, how much for this Shirt?”. After knowing that they are only for teachers, i walked away fast in my shame.  Actually it is a weeklong event, so I wonder why  don’t they just call it Teacher’s week.

What it takes to be a Formator.
I was left hanging for 5 seconds and overwhelmed when he said, “I chose to teach in  Benilde than my previous JOB, because i want to change People’s perspective to this school”. Perhaps that is a surprising answer from a Proffesor who left a  promising career for a high-paying institution.

Wow, i hope everyone in this Institution would have that philosophy. Not just in words but through out their teaching practice. I can name few teachers who i can really call, Formators. Those whom you would regret missing a day of their lecture. He would just stand in front of the class, and everyone(yes, including the class bullies) is just so eager to listen to their interesting lesson. At the end of the day, you will conclude that “Learning should be fun”.

What it takes to be a Formator?  It is the selfless way of teaching. Thinking of what the students learn rather than how much salary you would receive.

Benildean Teachers.
One thing i am proud in Benilde is that a chunk of the Instructors are mostly practitioners. A word that here means, someone who practices a learned profession. They don’t just site cases from their College days, they relay real life experiences in their career. Every time you ask them about a principle, they will tell you how to apply it and not just the definitions.  Often times i have questions with my future career, i check their consultation time and have a conversation with them.

You have been part of me
“Muchas Gracias!” or Thank you very much,  to you  my Spanish language professor during highschool for teaching me that word.  And to all the Professors that I made angry, impersonate their expressions, made fun about by counting their  repeated words, share jokes with and to those who even gave me a grade that is lower than I deserve, Thank you as well!

Well, I don’t keep any anger or grudge against you (Be thankful). But yes, you have been part of me.
And since 3 years flew since we sang our High-School graduation song, let me express my gratitude to you guys.


Sir Ronnie Noche – Phil. History teacher
Annabel  Aguado-  3
rd Year Adviser/ Physics Teacher
Maricel Benedicto – 1
st Year Adviser/ English Teacher
Rhandy Concepcion – CAT Commandant/ 2
nd Yr Adviser / P.E teacher / Business Partner
Anne Panganiban – Grade 6 English Teacher / My all time crush

Sir Jerome Bayao – English Secondary Language Teacher / Research Paper Adviser

They are just few of  the people from high school who actually inspired me to: go for the extra mile, have  confidence despite my intellectual insecurity,  study for more hours and even opened my eyes with the opportunities in Business even as a student. You really rock guys!  I REALLY miss you all!

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  1. annabel aguado November 9, 2011 at 6:59 am #

    thks niko miss you..

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