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6.2-magnitude quake shakes west of Manila

25 Mar

While John Q was giving his demands to the Chicago Police, our focus and silence was broken by the words, “Uyy, Sir! Lumilindol…”. My Philosophy Teacher paused the movie while my classmates were holding their armchair, looking around the room and some were making fun out of it. I didn’t know what to do and something inside me pushed me to utter the words, “Lord, spare us and keep us safe!”

Almost 30 seconds passed and the class made it all in one piece. The irritating fire alarm sounded and the white light kept on flashing like a Nikon SB900 TTL flash. After that, everyone went out of the classroom, my prof pulled out his flash disk and some were yelling, “Yohoo! Free-cut na!”.

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Monopolyo ng mga sindikato

22 Mar

Two down! Dalawa na ang Graduate sa Pamilya namin. Last February lang, bumalik na naman kami sa PICC at umupo sa taas. Di gaya nung October, mas kokonti ang tao, kasama na namin si Dadi, alam ko na ang pasikot sikot ng PICC at panganay namin ang gragraduate. Pero isa sa aking naging misyon sa araw na iyon ay idokumento ang mga sindikato slash negosyantes na gumagala at naghihintay ng mga Benildeans.

picc manila events monopoly sindikato benta money

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Toga at Diploma

20 Mar

“Syempre masaya. Kaya magaral kayo ng mabuti”, sagot ni Dadi matapos kung tanungin kung ano ang pakiramdam ng isang ama na may dalawa nang anak na nagsuot ng toga at nakatanggap ng Diploma.

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The Event: Watch Pacquiao vs Clottey online

13 Mar

Will Pacquiao ge rid of  Clottey just like a dandruff?
This is another event of victory and honor for our country.
An event where every Filipino is united in prayer and in watching for their Champion.
Manny “Pacman”Pacquiao we are very proud of you!
Show them what Filipinos are made of.

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They are indeed Formators

1 Mar

I really like this shirt 😛

“Burp….” My tall choco chip is almost empty and café Noriter is about to close. It has been a while since I actually visited this  place. Indeed, a lot of things have changed in this haven-like playground with a galore of hanging light-bulbs.  Anyway, I want to control my self, this blog is not about Café Noriter (that would be next). This is about:  “Teachers day!”

“Every child counts, Every teacher matters. We are all Formators”.

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