News and Updates about the 2010 National Candidates

16 Feb

RocktoVote Concert @ DLS-CSB

“Platforms are promises, history is evidence.”
-Gang Badoy (RockeEdPhilippines)

Gang Badoy is right. Strategies (platforms) should be accomplished by  people of integrity.
How will you know if Presidentiable is moral or credible enough? Google  their Character and History.  Seek what they are doing before they gave the people a hint of their desire for Presidency. Look for compilation of all the Presidentables. Their party, platforms, candidates and principles.

Here is my recommended site:

On Bro. Eddie

Separation of Church and state, Reproductive health bill, Abortion, Death Penalty, Theocracy are few of the issues asked to Bro. Eddie.
Catch the latest news, feeds, videos and articles about his dream and platforms here:

Are you having a hard time to choose?

Turn off that tv and stop being swayed by surveys.
Get your lists and start reading this.
Here is a compilation of the 2010 President, Vice-President and Senatoriables candidates for MAY 2010 by a Non-Government Organization (NGO).

Discover for yourself why i would be supporting Bangon Pilipinas.

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