Paano Na Pulis? (PNP)

4 Feb

Whether this photo is a real Police Operation or just a gag, the worst part is that some of our Policemen are really facing this problem.

Gunless Policemen
PNP chief Director General Avelino Razon Jr. admitted they have yet to issue firearms to 20,000 cops, some of whom have bought their own handguns out of necessity.
(Philippine Star, 2008)

Malacañang has allocated P2.4 billion to fund the recruitment of 10,000 new policemen and acquisition of equipment for the Philippine National Police (PNP).
(SunStar, 2009)

THE Philippine National Police (PNP) is asking for a P49.8-billion budget for 2010 which would go mostly to the procurement of equipment like communication and fire power, the salaries of police officers and recruitment of at least 10,000 new policemen next year.
(PhilStar, 2009)

Guns, explosives, ammo unearthed near Ampatuan mansion

Guns from Ampatuans
Many of the guns that were seized from the Ampatuan clan bore the same serial numbers as those in firearms carried by government soldiers, indicating these were either duplicated or tampered with
(AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Victor Ibrado, 2009)

Those are just some of the News I’ve skimmed. You can read them if you have time.

As of now, i don’t know yet the answer for this problem.
How could they “serve and protect” if they don’t have their own firearms?
Thousands have been taking up exams to become a noble policeman.
Will supply of firearms meet demands?
But i do know the Next President would have to do something about it.

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