Tanghal: National University and College Theater Festival

3 Feb

Commending  late Pres. Cory Aquino’s Presidential Proclamation No. 683, National Commission for Culture and the Arts’ National Committee on Dramatic Arts united as they celebrate “Tanghal: National University and College Theater Festival” this 2010.

“Sino ba si Ninoy?”, “Plaridel”  & “Banal na Aso” were some of the plays and musicals that I have attended and really loved . And as of now, February 2, 2010,  Colegio San Augustin – Bacolod’s “PUNTO DE VISTA” (Adaptation of Rolando Tinio’s May Katuwiran ang Katuwiran) is now part of my favorites.

I can see inside the school those maroon posters and tarpaulins with a ballerina doing a stance, but I never realized I would enjoy a regular Wednesday night gazing over a play. Punto De Vista started  attracting the crowd’s attention by recklessly running from behind the audience and then rolled themselves under the green curtains of Augusto Rosales Theater. By the way, that was in the middle of a forum with the previous group (University of Makati’s Kati) so we were really disturbed.

So 10 Minutes have passed and the UMak’s  forum was done. The curtains opened and seats were arranged as if it was an arena. Compared from the other group, all the props i saw on the floor were  salakot, old farmer clothes, tabak and an acoustic guitar.  Afterwards, the audience ran over to grab their chairs as the host told us  so. Their group consisted of Kabo(the selfish-fat “katiwala”), Kaupod(a thin-as-paper peasant), Ava(the beautiful landowner) and three more who played the roles of tulisans and peasants as well.

The stage and props were simple, the story was clear and concise, their blockings were perfect, the technical errors did not hinder them, voices were angelic and yes I gave them a   “Four thumbs up for their performance, the emotion kept me watching them”

“Theater performance should not be too expensive, you just have to be serious and committed. A  good story is enough to convince and move the audience”, answered  Punto De Vista’s Director during the forum. That was redundancy, I already saw and felt what he meant. No need to mention that anymore.

“Point of view” (English translation) is like the Bamboo’s song: “Tatsulok”. It is a story of  the rich and the poor, greed for money,  social discrepancy, role of religion in their lives, hypocrisy, leftists groups that existed during the 1980’s . The poor gets the scrap of Haciendero’s income but are the one suffering with the torture of labor. Yes, they have their ideologies, point of views and justifications. But because of their parent’s debt of gratitude to the Landowners they are left no choice but be crushed by everything they are assigned to do.  The story ended with Kaupod’s cold body being dragged by the rebel group and Kabo surviving and cursing those tulisans after being gun fired by Soldiers.  “Sarili lamang ang iniintndi”, that was the problem and the final statement they left, I agree with them.

Yes it was not a happy ending for the poor peasants, but the saddening part was knowing that in reality peasants like Kabo, being tortured  by their own debts still exist today in some isolated parts of our country . Perhaps us who stay to here in Manila cannot imagine how broad the problem is, but thanks to their Director: Ricardo Salanap Jr. our eyes we opened and I was entertained.

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