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It is who we are today and tomorrow!

24 Feb

Link: Here is a note i made in Facebook

It is not who we are yesterday, but on who we are today and tomorrow!.
“The reason why evil dominates is for good people to do nothing”
I don’t want to be self-righteous. I just don’t want to regret one  day that i did nothing.

Below is a letter i wrote to Miss Mela:

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The battle of the websites: 2010 Presidential Internet Campaigns

22 Feb

Professionals call it i-marketing, web-marketing, online-marketing, or e-Marketing. But for campaign managers, “Internet campaign” is one of the cheapest and the fastest way to market their client/candidate.  It is  a way  to show their platforms, compile their videos, upload their campaign materials, connect to their volunteers, broadcast their photos and more or less convince Techie Juan De La Cruz to shade the circle beside his/her name this coming 2010 Elections.

Here are some screen shots of 2010 PRESIDENTIABLES’ official website:

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News and Updates about the 2010 National Candidates

16 Feb

RocktoVote Concert @ DLS-CSB

“Platforms are promises, history is evidence.”
-Gang Badoy (RockeEdPhilippines)

Gang Badoy is right. Strategies (platforms) should be accomplished by  people of integrity.
How will you know if Presidentiable is moral or credible enough? Google  their Character and History.  Seek what they are doing before they gave the people a hint of their desire for Presidency. Look for compilation of all the Presidentables. Their party, platforms, candidates and principles.

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A new HOPE: unfurling the world’s largest Philippine flag

9 Feb

Witnessing the unfurling of the World’s largest flag, (extending 180 meters x 92 meters, weighing 3.8 Tons and worth 10 Million) seeing thousands of Filipinos wearing yellow  and still believe in genuine change in our Nation was such a relief for me.

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Paano Na Pulis? (PNP)

4 Feb

Whether this photo is a real Police Operation or just a gag, the worst part is that some of our Policemen are really facing this problem.

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