Philippine daily Inquirer: Balanced News? Fearless views.

11 Jan

Inquirer Opinion/  Letters to the Editor

WE join the INQUIRER in its quest for a better country for all of us. We believe in the strengthening of our democratic institutions, for only then can we realize a strengthened citizenry.

Others may call us idealistic and eternally hopeful—and indeed we are!

It is in this context that we are supporting a candidate in 2010 who is competent and able to lead us onward to a new beginning … to a better Philippines. We know that the journey will be difficult, but we are full of hope that we will get there.

Fully aware of the power of media in our society, we pooled our creativity, networks, time and resources to create, maintain and administer Facebook accounts and fan pages for Bro. Eddie Villanueva, the only candidate we see who has the sincerity, untarnished principle, willpower and track record to bring about reforms for a better Philippines. In all, we have six Facebook accounts and fan pages.

Thus, we were utterly disappointed with the story written by Michael Lim Ubac, “Aquino leads rivals in Facebook face-off.” (Inquirer, 1/3/10) We cannot find any better description of the story than UNFAIR.

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