Welcome 2010!

1 Jan

According to the calendar (Gregorian) that Pope Gregory XIII introduced,
this year is the 2010th year of the Common Era, commonly known as Anno Domini.
It is also a global and year-long celebration of the value for life and biological diversity here on Earth.

While people are still debating whether to pronounce it as “twenty-ten” or “two thousand ten”,
Comelec is worrying about the delayed Automated machines, Politicians are withdrawing cash for the nearing Campaign period,   Let me declare that we would have  a great and prosperous year that we never had before!

Your calendar is your own proof that this is indeed another year to start over and make your life better.
You have been through a lot of New Years, jumped several times and closed your ears with your palms over and over again.

2010 is here. It is time to make it better.
Act now!

Greater things are yet to come!

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