A world without Heroes?

29 Nov

Above is an article written by Abdullah Al-Maghlooth.
An Arab journalist who
commends the existence and the value of the Filipinos through out the world.

“They can speak well in English, they have professional technical skills training and are highly competent individuals.”

That is how the writer describes the Filipinos.

We love to see our blue-red-yellow-and-white colored flag on National Tv and hear people talk about our Country.

It usually happens during a Pacman fight which means zero-crime rate . Because everyone, perhaps even those
hold-upers are busy cheering for their hero.

As Abdullah saw the value of the Filipinos on his perspective,

I wondered, why cant we see a positive picture of the Philippines?
Instead of leaving you mother land, why not persevere on how we can be better.?

Why cant we just thank God for who we are, keep your chin up
and be proud you are from the Republic of Philippines!

If others can see the goodness out of every Filipino.
Let us also love what we have.

Let us wake up everyday as if it would be the last
time you can really show you love for your country.

If we would not love it. Who else would?

Philippines: Live in it, Explore it, Love it!

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