Change your mind and accept the truth!

30 Oct

We keep on blaming our leaders every after 6 years with the same problems because we kept on doing the same thing. We vote for the same group of people, same surname &  same battle cry.

We base our candidate list with their 30-second commercial during prime time.
Something is wrong with the Filipino youth.

We prefer harvesting imaginary vegies over farmville rather than watching or reading the news about our nation.
We go grooving every Friday nights and don’t even mind asking whether a Billion-worth project of a government matters or is needed.

We get our pointer finger stained with hard-to-remove  election  inks yet we let people give us a sad 500 peso  bill for it.
WE are citizens of the Philippines. A subject of this nation.

I always thought that changing this Nation is like repairing a sinking vessel. Futile.
Something is wrong.
The way we think is wrong.
We regard the elections as a one time solution for nation’s disease.
It is an opportunity not the permanent solution.

But we will NEVER give up.
Let us change our mindsets and accept the truth
that  this nation could only rise up
if we would work hand in hand till the end.
You really want this nation to rise?Then do your part.

Register, Vote, Stay vigilant, Be a watcher & change your Nation.

“We are who we think we are. If we think  this nation can rise, then we could. But if you disagree, then you are right as well.”


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