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The answer to the call. (My Operation Blessing Experience)

30 Sep


“The best part of volunteering for Operation Blessing was knowing that through your life, God is answering other people’s prayer”

This has been my testimony after almost 9 hours of volunteering at the Operation Blessing.

In line with inspiring the youth to live for Christ and to offer the prime years of their lives in service to GOD and COUNTRY(KKB mission), i made this blog to share my experience.

Travel and Registration.

Time check: 7:58 Am. Ang habaaaa ng pila sa La Salle for volunteers kanina, wala na kasi pasok until Saturday and maybe wala na sila magawa sa bahay. Thank God kasi even 12 midnight na ako nakagready ng gamit at nakapagprepare spiritually, nagising pa rin ako knina ng 7 am with out headache. Well after buying rice and cans of sardines, Robert, Robin, Daniel and I rode a taxi from Starbucks Lorenzo to Operation Blessings head quarters at Makati. It costed us 105 pesos (i mean 5 pesos for my pocket.)

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Jesus or Drugs?

20 Sep


“You cannot fill something unless you open it.” I have been hearing those lines for quite a long time. And yes it is true that people usually dwell with their past experiences and it becomes their stronghold (like a baby not letting go of a toy)from facing the LIFE awaiting them.

Here is a life changing story, let us hide the person’s name under Zac(From Zaccheus the Tax Collector): Continue reading


12 Sep

kabataan ang pagasa ng bayan, boto ng kabataan sa mayo, Pilipino, pagmamahal sa bayan, youth vote 2010 national elections

I am Niko, turning 18 this june 2010. I cannot register nor vote this coming election,
but if you would ask who i will campaign or vote? I would surely say “Brother Eddie Villanueva”.

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