Warcraft III: Latest Maps, cheats and News.

15 Dec

Dota Dota dota maps news updates

Ang Defense of the Ancients (higit na kilala sa tawag na DotA) ay isang kakaibang sitwasyon sa larong Warcraft III, batay sa mapang “Aeon of Strife” ng StarCraft. Kailangang makamit ng bawat pangkat ang wasakin ang Ancient ng kalaban, isang istrakturang mahigpit na binabantayan sa magkabilang sulok ng mapa. Gumagamit ng mga makapangyarihang mga tauhan ang mga manlalaro (kilala bilang mga bayani), kasama ng mga kakamping bayan at creeps na kontrolado ng kompyuter. Gaya ng ibang role-playing games, pinalalakas ng mga manlalaro ang kani-kanilang mga bayani at gumagamit ng ginto sa pagbili ng mga kagamitan sa gitna ng pakikidigma.

-Tok, Kevin (2006-01-25). Defense of the Ancients 101, Page 2GotFrag. Hinango noong Agosto 4, 2007.

i grabbed this from our forum

i’ve learned a lot from it

I know most people might react defensively to this one, especially those addicted to DOTA and those who have something against Christianity and what the Bible says. But I’m just sharing for the benefit of those who wish to be enlightened with this truth. So don’t hate, and don’t flame. Simply read no more if you don’t wish to.

ANCIENT question: Who is Ancient?
Answer: God (Revelation 1:8, 21:6, 22:13), but Satan disguises himself and deceives us, saying that he is the Ancient One.

Question: Why?
Answer: Who do you think you will defend in this game? Whose defense is this (with those cheats and verbal acknowledgments later to be discussed)?

The obvious aims:

To kill your enemy
To destroy the tree of life for sentinel
To destroy the frozen throne for scourge
And TO BE BEYOND GOD-LIKE in this game

The real aim: Worshiping Satan through CONSCIOUSLY ENJOYING the game (so if one enjoys it, he’s a worshiper of Satan, plain and simple).
Why? Because this game is extremely a deception from Satan and you are actually enjoying it.

There are two bases or teams:

Sentinels vs. scourge
Good ones vs. monsters
Human vs. dark evil
Weak vs. strong

This is used to become stronger
But actually this cheat pertains to admittance that your father indeed is Satan

To have more money
It feeds your mind that it’s fine to love money because you need it
In Ecclesiastes 5:10-11, it says “Those who love money will never have enough. How meaningless to think that wealth brings true happiness! The more you have, the more people come to help you spend it.”

I SEE DEAD PEOPLEThis allows you to see the map
The truth behind it is that spiritually the players and those who are involved are dead. They don’t have real life for they are being used by Satan to praise him through this game. Dead people!

OMG (Oh, my God)
The Bible states, “Do not use the name of the Lord in vain!”

Need not to explain “Good job!”/”Good work!”
When you killed somebody
You are being congratulated with a good job or good work

At the dawn of February 26, 2007, my brother dreamt of 2 dreams. First, he dreamt that Jesus was showing how evil DOTA was, then he woke up and blurted out: “Ayoko na mag-DOTA!” He fell asleep again and had his second dream. He was talking with a friend who in real life doesn’t want to play DOTA anymore. When my brother blurted out once again, “Ayoko na mag-DOTA!”, a man came near to him and laid hands on him, cursing my brother. When they rebuked it in Jesus’ name, it disappeared. Then, when he shouted, “Hindi na ako mag-do-DOTA kahit kailan!”, Crystal Maiden (one of those unpleasing characters in DOTA) appeared to my brother. My brother told us it felt like he couldn’t breathe. My brother rebuked it in Jesus’ name and told it, “Hindi na ako magpapabitag sa iyo! I belong to Jesus!” Then he woke up and ran downstairs. He told us everything, and we prayed for him. My father helped him renounce it and right after he surrendered, he puked, and we brought him to hospital. But our family claimed that Jesus is victorious and Satan will never win. He had a testimony about his dream the Sunday after he experienced it. After he witnessed, those who were involved in DOTA were prayed for.

Note: Akala ng lahat laro lang and DOTA, pero si Satan hindi nakikipaglaro. He is using DOTA to pollute the minds of our youth. Ephesians 4:27 says, “Don’t give the devil a chance!” If you ignore this, it’s at your own risk. This is the TRUTH. Do not be blind and do not harden your heart. Please pass this…

As I understood it, the family of the boy who gave the testimony and the one sharing this bulletin board post is Christian! Hallelujah! It would’ve been harder for the boy to be delivered from that bondage had their family been otherwise.

I’m not a DOTA player, thank God, so I don’t really understand the works of the game. I am familiar with the older Warcraft versions though. And I have seen personally how players like the old me, especially the addicted ones who have already traded their social lives and even their careers with playing, were held captive by the power of those games. In my case, I was a Ragnarok Online player famous among my blockmates for my addiction to it. I got irritated most of the time when my mom would tell me to go to bed already after she has already awoken during weekends (I used to play hard from 10 in the evening till 9 in the morning, at the latest, when my brother wouldn’t play). I influenced my tropa to play Ragnarok Online. I would cut classes with some of them just to play at a nearby PC rentals shop. Though I was not the loud type, you know, the say-all-the-bad-words-that-you-can kind, I was still as captivated inside as all the others were. I would also say foul words inside my head when things went wrong with my character or our dial-up connection was crappy (yes, imagine playing an MMORPG with dial-up, imagine all the annoyance). Things like that. Praise God I have stopped with all the LAN game and MMORPG addiction! Whew! …Unfortunately, my brother still hasn’t gotten a hold of his addiction to Ragnarok Online and other video games, especially since he still is an official bum right now.

The beast is the name that the Bible gives to Satan when he comes to earth visibly and claims to be God. Satan will appear on earth as a glorious, visible being. He will have the appearance of God. He will require the whole world to worship him as their god.

Lord, please help all those in bondage to the seemingly plain and innocent fun and enjoyment acquired from satanic PC and video games. Help the youth, Lord…

*Copied from: http://leeflailmarch.blogspot.com/2007/09/truth-about-warcraft-iii-dota.html

open our eyes with the truth!

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